Harry Scells

PhD Student

The University of Queensland



I am currently completing my PhD under the supervision of Guido Zuccon at The University of Queensland in Australia.

I am researching how to improve medical systematic review creation with Information Retrieval. My research focuses on developing methods to assist information specialists create more effective queries in shorter periods of time. To do this I am investigating automatic methods of query formulation, and query visualisation and understandability tools.

On this page please find a list of my publications with links to project pages, where relevant.


  • Information Retrieval
  • Systematic Reviews


  • BInfTech in Information Technology, 2015

    Queensland University of Technology

  • BInfTech(Hons) in Information Technology, 2016

    Queensland University of Technology

Recent Publications

Automatic Boolean Query Formulation for Systematic Review Literature Search

Formulating Boolean queries for systematic review literature search is a challenging task. Commonly, queries are formulated by …

Sampling Query Variations for Learning to Rank to Improve Automatic Boolean Query Generation in Systematic Reviews

Searching medical literature for synthesis in a systematic review is a complex and labour intensive task. In this context, expert …

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks - Rank Fusion applied to Coordination Level Matching for Ranking in Systematic Reviews

Coordination level matching is a ranking method originally proposed to rank documents given Boolean queries that is now several decades …

A Computational Approach for Objectively Derived Systematic Review Search Strategies

Searching literature for a systematic review begins with a manually constructed search strategy by an expert information specialist. …

Visualising Systematic Review Search Strategies to Assist Information Specialists

Background: Searching for studies to include in systematic reviews involves the construction of complex search strategies. The …