Invited Workshop at Information Retrieval Meeting 2024

Information Retrieval Meeting 2024

I ran a workshop at the IQWiG Information Retrieval Meeting 2024 about using APIs for evidence identification.

More and more APIs (application programming interfaces) are used as programmatic interfaces for certain databases or data sets. This workshop explains what an API is and what knowledge is necessary to use them, for example:

  • what APIs are and how they work
  • offline versus online APIs
  • using APIs via Python

The focus of this workshop is to present use cases especially for frequently used APIs. This workshop explains what API use cases exist, what they are used for and how information specialists can use them in their daily workflows.

Above, you can find links to the supplementary material for the workshop which contains interactive notebooks that can be run in your browser. The notebooks let you edit and play with the code and data that are used in the workshop.

Finally, please find a list of related publications to this workshop below: